Top 10 YouTube channels to learn Mobile Photography

The mobile photography industry has taken a significant rise in popularity. Now anyone can design the fantastic images and express their individuality. If you are a novice then you would have to familiarize yourself with some of the fundamentals of photography.

  1. Peter MacKennon (1. 27 million subscribers)

Focus: The instruction to the tutorial on creative techniques, composition, and editing is done according to the mobile and desktop.

Style: Lively, involving and educative

Peter MacKinnon is a well-known personality in the field of photography. His YouTube channel is a treasure trove of knowledge and an inspiration. Peter tackles difficult topics and turns them into simple lessons, thus, making them understandable even to those who are just starting. Jessica goes through the details of storytelling techniques, composition strategies and the mobile editing workflows, and tells you how to nurture a story through your travel photographs.

Why Subscribe:

Through the course you will get useful information on composition, lighting, and creative editing tips that will be of both mobile and desktop photography.

  1. Jessica Kobesi (732K subscribers) is number one in popularity among the bloggers.

Focus: The travel photography, the storytelling through photos, the mobile editing workflow is a way to capture life moments that are not told in words.

Travel lovers and narrators will be the ones who will definitely find Jessica Kobesi’s channel a precious find. The videos they do reveal the strength of mobile photography in taking the real sense of a place. The whole sessions will be livelier than you can imagine, with practical tips that help you move to a professional level and creative challenges that stress you to the limit.

Why Subscribe:

Get to know how you can transform your travel photos into stories that will make the viewers feel as if they are there with you at the moment of those experience.

  1. Mike Brown (1. 37M subscribers) is a YouTube influencer with a large following.

Style: The objective of your project should be to create a project that is as easy to understand as possible, limited in terms of content, and provides a good amount of educational value.

He gives details of camera settings, essential being the aperture, the shutter speed and the ISO. To the beginners who are looking for a thorough guidance on mobile photography, Mike Brown’s channel is a suitable choice for the start. Mike brings you closer to the composition rules and leading lines, thus, you will get the basic knowledge of making photos.

Focus: The fundamental of mobile photography, composition guide, and lighting techniques are the basics that are covered in the task of simplification process.

Why Subscribe:

Here, the path is better structured and you are taught the basics so that you can easily move on to the advanced techniques.

  1. Phone Photography School (2.02M subscribers)

Style: The information, entertaining and group-oriented are the characteristics of the considered sentence.

Focus: Variety of subjects, necessary tasks with problems, and products ratings.

They provide detailed tutorials on the techniques like light photography or Bokeh photography. Besides, they arrange games which motivate you to try new things and thus, you can use your creativity to its full potential. Mobile Photography School has a variety of mobile photography content for beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels of experience.

Why Subscribe:

This channel helps you to create a community of mobile photographers and to learn from other mobile photographers.

  1. Google Pixel (8.43M subscribers)

Genre: Official website with a high quality production and a clear display.

Focus: Tutorials, tips, camera features, and creative possibilities for Google Pixel phones are the subject of tutorials and tips, which will tell you a lot.

If you have a Google Pixel phone, make sure you subscribe to this YouTube channel that is officially created by Google. Learn how to use these features for the best pictures and get the desired effects in low light.

Why subscribe:

Pixel who are using the phone can explore the full possibility of the camera by following the expert guidance and tips especially made for the phone’s features. You can learn to use the features such as Single Take or Scene Optimizer to make the best use of the lighting situations in your photos.

  1. Samsung Mobile (20.2M subscribers) is numbered second to Moto One (24. 4M subscribers) in the telecom sector.

Focus: Tutorials and advice, camera features, and creative techniques for Samsung Galaxy phones are the main points that are covered in the sentence.

Genre: Official channel with high production values and climate performance

Samsung Mobile is like the Google Pixel channel, it too, offers services to the Galaxy phone users. They have the detailed tutorials and the impressive creative techniques that are made for the purpose of the maximum of the phone’s camera capabilities. They show the possibilities of Pixel devices through the use of tutorials which are focused on the features Night Sight or Portrait Mode.

Why Subscribe:

Galaxy members will be the winners of this official put-in. You will acquire useful information and straight from the experts you will gain valuable insights and practical tips specially designed for your Samsung Galaxy device.

  1. Photofari (383K subscribers)

Style: Beautifully illustrated, motivating and project-oriented

Focus: Films created by mobile cinematic projects and speaking on the filmmaking and storytelling techniques are the driver of the mobile motion film.

Hardworking mobile filmmakers will be so excited about Photofari’s channel. They go further than the freezing still photos and jump into the world of cinematic storytelling with your smartphone. You can grasp the topics of camera movement, editing techniques, and color grading to go further in your mobile filmmaking.

Why Subscribe:

PhotoFari is a platform that gives the practicable advice on how to make the moving films which are visually attractive and emotionally engaging.

  1. TechSource (1.42M subscribers)

Focus: Guidelines for doing street photography, composition techniques, and narration with mobile photos are some of the tips given.

Genre: Interesting, enjoyable and tech-oriented

TechSource enables you to keep yourself informed about the recent developments in the smartphone phone camera technology via its informative channel. You will be able to tell stories through your street photos by capturing the busy people of the city or the peacefulness of ordinary interactions. TechSource makes the complex technical details easy to grasp, making them even for the non-tech-savvy audience.

  1. Marco Teixeira (428K subscribers) is a Top Video Creator who has 428K subscribers.

Focus: Mobile Photography Reviews are about publishing the accomplished results of camera tests for mobile phones.

Style: Useful, useful and attractive from the point of view of people eye.

He gives the users the useful advice on composition, the objectives-focus techniques and the way to capture the fleeting moments. Their analyses, comparisons and camera tests will give you the necessary information before you decide to upgrade your phone or choose the right device for your mobile photography. Marco’s grounded method and actual demonstration of the lessons make them practical and easy to use.

Why Subscribe:

Master the street photography skills and learn how to find the extraordinary in the ordinary by the hands of Marco Teixeira.

  1. iPhoneography School (422K subscribers)

Focus: Gurus and tutorials especially for iPhone, shoot and making the camera settings mastering, creative editing tricks are the ones that work for iPhone. the tips and editing workflow for iPhone are complex and sometimes, it is hard and tricky to make the tough and difficult tasks of mastering.

Style: Clear and brief and Smartphone-centric.

Get to know the editors who work in a creative way using the mobile editing apps and to help you to enhance your photos. This channel gives tutorials and advice that are suitable for iPhones. Camara exposure compensation or white balance can be used to get beautiful photos.

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